Roadworthy certificates IN CALOUNDRA

Roadworthy certificates are awarded to cars that have had a roadworthy inspection. We offer affordable inspections that will tell you whether or not your car is safe for general use. These are required whenever you sell your vehicle or when you re-register it. You may also need this inspection if you have gotten a notice about defects on your car.

This is an inspection that most people are familiar with. A lot of people mistake this inspection for a general safety inspection, but that is a separate inspection that most people also need to get for their trucks and buses on a yearly basis.


What’s checked

The roadworthy inspection is a good starting point. Here, we will go over some key elements of your car. They are checked to ensure that they are in working order. You can expect that the following will be inspected for safety:
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  • Wheels
  • Tyres
  • Steering & suspension
  • Brakes
  • Seats & belts
  • Windscreen & windows
  • Windscreen wipers & washers
  • Lights & reflectors
  • Vehicle structure
There are also other areas that will be checked within the body and engine.

Not a full inspection

While this is an inspection that says the car is roadworthy and is safe for general use, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee mechanical reliability or the condition of the body. It’s not a full inspection, so it can’t tell you whether your car is in the best condition. It also won’t inspect things that a full inspection would, like air conditioning. Of course, some items on your car could stop working after the inspection, so it’s also not a guarantee that those items will last.

It’s always a good idea to get a full inspection after gaining your roadworthy certificate, and we pride ourselves on offering them.


Affordable pricing

Roadworthy inspections are common, and we know that you are searching for the best price. We offer very affordable pricing on everything that we offer. To top off our competitive pricing, we offer affordable payment plans for those who can’t pay right at the time of service. We also accept Afterpay and Openpay. Often, this service can be done while you wait. To make things easy for you, we offer coffee and tea so you can relax while we take care of everything. Call us today to book an appointment.